If the name ‘Taylor Swift’ doesn’t automatically register a vision of curly blonde locks whose list of accomplishments is likely longer than the SAT, you may need to make sure that you live on planet Earth. Whether or not you personally enjoy her music, she’s an important figure in today’s music industry. She’s been awarded recognition into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, seven Grammy Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards (now would be an appropriate plug for the song “22”), 11 Country Music Association Awards, and most recently, as the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes “100 Most Powerful Women” list. A force to be reckoned with, Swift proceeds to keep raising the bar higher for herself. Her presence on social media is notable as well, and she often iterates just how critical it is for her to utilize these outlets to connect personally with fans. In one interview with Entertainment Weekly, when asked about how she views her power on social media, she retorted with, “One way I’ve been using it [social media] recently is to insert myself into their online communities and be in on their inside joke. Not just by posting industry-career centric things. I want them to know that they’re the only ones in my life that make it feel normal.”

But Swift doesn’t exclusively use her social media presence for her fans or for her own marketability. Recently, she’s been using it to bring awareness to other artists who are on the cusp of making it big. “1,000 Ships” and “Fight Song” singer-songwriter, Rachel Platten, received much more attention after having Swift share her videos with her 34.7 million Instagram followers. She also catapulted Echosmith’s online visibility when she shared the stage with them this past year. The band BORNS received a heavy dose of T-Swift approval when the 25-year-old tweeted how much she adored the single they had released. Both bands went on to have immense 2015 tour success, which included summer music festival performances. Not that the bands couldn’t have made it without Swift’s seal of approval, but her social media plugs certainly didn’t hurt their publicity; furthermore, iterating just how intense the Swift conglomerate is.